It is a sort of agriculture that we have to put ahead because of the water and land shortage, We cannot talk about the agriculture production without comparing it with the water consumption so we should ask ourselves about the water CBM productivity and the land SQM productivity.
The solution for the food and land and water crises.


What products can we grow in hydroponics?


1- Fodder.

2- Vegetables.

3- Flowers.

4- Mushroom.

5- Herbs.

6- Potato seeds.

7- Fruits.

Types of hydroponics


  • Hydroponics depends on water only.
  • Hydroponics depends on artificial sols.
  • Hydroponics by spray the roots or fogging.

Safety if hydroponics


  • The crop growing by hydroponics can be better controlled than traditional planting.
  • The safety of the plant is mainly related with three points: the pesticide remain, the heavy metal is soil, and the no3&no2.
  • Hydroponics can have no problem of heavy metal content.
  • Hi-tech hydroponics can control the no2&no3 very well by giving the fertilizer compositions precisely the plant needs at different growing stage.

The advantages of hydroponics


  • Save the land. we can plant anywhere , even the roof top.
  • Save the water 85%.
  • Save the labor.
  • Save the fertilizer 80%.
  • Save the pesticide , friendly of the environment.
  • High production.
  • Product harmony. little waste.
  • High quality and more safety.

Idea of hydroponics


Closed hydroponics:

It is water circulating under the roots of the plants that contains the necessary elements for growth. Water goes to the plants routs and come again to the tank carrying all the minerals needed by the plant and so on.

Opened hydroponics:

Same as the above but water drainage is outside the tank.

Fertilizing liquid:

The fertilizer needed is mixed in there forms and called abc . They are mixed in the tank proportionally as per the age and needs of the plants.

Ph and ec measuring tools are necessary to maintain the ph level…



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                                                   Rice cultivation


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